Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend fun

My dad had his surgery on Friday. Everything went great, he was actually able to go home a day early. He can already walk and get around. He has trouble getting up from a sitting or laying down position is all. He also said he has a dull ache in his hip but nothing severe.

Saturday night I went to a friend's 40th birthday party. I made an awesome pineapple habanero salsa. Tasted wonderful but had people reaching for drinks, followed by going after more salsa. The salsa itself had 12 habanero peppers in it, seeds and all.

I had to cut up the peppers by hand and didn't wear gloves while doing it. My cat came up to my hand smelled it shook her head and didn't want to have anything to do with my hand for the rest of the day a most of Sunday. Sunday, the capsaicin still on my fingers was burning as I tried to play games. Also never wear contacts on a day you cut up peppers. My eyes burned for awhile after I took the contacts out by hand. Not one of my most brilliant moves.

At the party, I got to sit down and talk with a friend mine. We have both been through divorces and just have a lot in common. We started talking about our exes and why things went wrong. He brought up the sex issue and mentioned how they were both virgins until shortly before they got married. They had sex two times before getting married and then about once a month after marriage. My ex and I well we were not virgins. We had sex several times before getting married, but after I gave her the engagement ring she suddenly did not want to have sex. Once we did get married we also only had sex about once a month. Both my friend and I had to initiate to get any action. Personally I got fed up with initiating and became celibate. My friend just found other women and cheated on his wife.

He also told me that his wife would say things like "are you done yet". How romantic and sensual. This got me to the whole Christianity makes sex evil. He is a christian and he knows I am an atheist. I pointed out that within Christianity, the idea is that sex is evil and even when one is married it is hard to break that and it suddenly be good. He actually agreed with me there. He also said he didn't think sex was supposed to be evil according to the Bible. I didn't really push the point with him.

I just thought it was an interesting conversation. There was of course more to it than this but this is the highlights. I am glad I have a good friend that I can discuss things like this with without judgment. This is how friendship should be.


FrodoSaves said...

I'm thrilled to hear about your dad, Beams. Speaking of chilis, did you hear about the Indian woman who swallowed enough to break a world record, then rubbed them on her eyes? Check it out. Evolution at work, baby.

BeamStalk said...

Yes that is awesome. I want to try ghost peppers too. There is a restaurant in San Fransisco that cooks Ghost peppers once a year in an event they call Hell night.