Thursday, April 23, 2009

Slow week

At least for my blog. I just haven't had much to say. The biggest thing going on right now, where I live, is the stupid law that passed Legislature here in Oklahoma. It makes stem cell research in Oklahoma a crime, misdemeanor. The Governor has promised to veto it, but Legislature has enough votes to overturn his veto. I am so glad that my government wants to discourage the Universities here from study. Also no research center in its right mind would ever want to relocate here. Its not like we are in an economic downturn and keeping businesses out is a bad thing.

Thanks, I will remember and not vote for you guys (I didn't vote for these guys last time either).

Edit: The State Senate sustained Governor Henry's veto, the law will not pass. Yay!


Markei said...

I think you meant the "embryonic stem cell research" bill - you surely didn't mean to imply the stem cell research which works and has been proven helpful which is adult stem cell research. That would not have been affected by this bill. Over 20 years of embryonic stem cell research, which continued under Bush, just not with federal funds, only has produced tumors, growths, and death where it was applied. Adult stem cell research on the other hand which has been continuously federally funded even under Bush, has provided hope and healing to many, and that research is extremely promising for the future. I know you're not trying to mislead people about the truth.

BeamStalk said...

The FA1 for HB 1326 is new language defining “human embryo” and “nontherapeutic research” and prohibits nontherapeutic research that destroys a human embryo or subjects a human embryo to substantial risk of injury or death. This legislation provides that any person convicted of violating the provisions of this Act shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

Yes, instead of using these cells for research to find if they can cure like we have been able to do with adult stem cells, because we have had the time to study and research them. We should just throw them away. You do understand that most of the stem cells will be coming from cells that are destined to be destroyed?

BeamStalk said...

I will add also, since I was on my way to bed when I posted that last night.

Research always yields viable results immediately. The first time humans tried heavy than air flight was at Kittyhawk. There were not thousands of people before that attempting the same and some being severally injured in the process. When X-rays were discovered we had an immediate use for them and the discoveries did not die from radiation exposure. Nope everything is always found and used immediately with no harmful side effects. I would hate to mislead people by stating otherwise or even insinuating otherwise.