Thursday, April 23, 2009

Andrea to Arrested

"Andrea", MXPX, Life in General
"Aneurysm", Nirvana, Incesticide
"Angelfuck", The Misfits, Legacy of Brutality
"Another State of Mind", Social Distortion, Greatest Hits
"Antennas", Rancid, Rancid [2000]
"Anthem, Pt. 2", Blink-182, Take Off Your Pants And Jacket
"Anxiety", Goldfinger, Goldfinger
"Apple Shampoo", Blink-182, Dude Ranch
"Are We the Waiting", Green Day, American Idiot
"Arrested in Shanghai", Rancid, Indestructible

This is pretty much punk only group. "Are We the Waiting" and "Arrested in Shanghai" are the only real exceptions here, even though both are sung by punk bands. I still think Rancid has one of the best if not the best Bass player I have ever heard and seen.

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