Friday, April 17, 2009

Good News

My dad saw his doctor yesterday and the cancer is localized to the one spot on his bone. It is a bone cancer and not soft tissue cancer. So in one week from today they are going to have surgery and remove the cancer. He will have little to no chemo because of the type of cancer.

Thank modern medicine and science. A few years ago and I would have lost both my parents to cancer. My mom had breast cancer a year or two after my dad had been diagnosed with his first bout of cancer.


Canterbury Atheists said...

Hope you folks get well.

One-day science will render cancer to history.

Sooner rather than later one hopes.



BeamStalk said...

Thanks Paul.

My mom has had no issues since her surgery and it looks like my dad is going to be fine. He has to cancel his trip to England this year but he said he would rather be alive than in England. I can't say that I blame him.

FrodoSaves said...

Thrilled to hear that BeamStalk. Best of luck to your dad with the surgery next week.

ImtheRabbit said...

My Bro-in-law seems to be on the mend too :) They might give him another round, they're waiting for his immune system to get a little better. He's a BIG guy so he says it'll take a little longer for him since he has a larger body mass then most.

Hopefully the cure will come soon and no one will have to go through all this.

BeamStalk said...

Good to hear Rabbit. My dad is 6'5" and weighs around 240. I am 6'6" and weigh about the same as my dad. So I understand big guys in the family.

ExPatMatt said...

Great news, Beams!

And a cool blog too, I may just stick around...