Friday, April 10, 2009

Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History

I finally got all the pictures from the museum uploaded and ready to show. There is even one of me through a mirror. I really like the museum, it isn't very big but it is only 5 dollars a person for entry. So have fun going through this homemade mini tour of the museum.

Oh and never forget:


ImtheRabbit said...

Yes that was rather funny, I like that it's in pencil ;)

I'm actually a wretched person because the only Museum I've been to is the science and tech which is pretty much for kids.

I plan to grab the boyfriend and the motorcycle and do a museum tour this summer though :)

BeamStalk said...

Whereabouts in Canada are you? If you are close to Chicago, I would suggest going there. Chicago has several great museums and is just a fun town. Do get the pizza while there.

ImtheRabbit said...

Unfortuantly I'm not near Chicago, I'm near Ottawa. There are quite a few Museums I can go look at, which is why I'm terrible for not having gone already :P