Monday, July 13, 2009

Vegas and TAM7

I am still in Vegas but waiting on my plane. TAM was truly amazing, as cliched as that is. I will post more when I get home and post some great pictures, including the Amaz!ng Randi and myself. If you ever get a chance to go, go. TAM8 will be at the same hotel next year and the weekend after the 4th of July again.

Right now I am listening to someone complain because they missed their plane by 30 seconds. They are blaming everyone but themselves. It is greatness.

UPDATE: Now I am stuck in the Denver International Airport. My plane is delayed an hour and it is going to be after midnight before I get home.


BeamStalk said...


I have read parts of the Koran. It is just as boring and tedious as the Bible and has just as much supporting evidence for its "truth". You got anything better?

BeamStalk said...

You have 24 hours from this post to respond, Aristiono. I will not keep links to crap sites on my blog. In other words no response means you get trashed.

rhiggs said...

Hi BeamStalk,

Looking forward to hearing about TAM. I'm gonna try and go to the TAM London next year as it is a bit more accessible for me.

BTW that Aristiono guy posted the exact same comment on my blog. When I went to his site and looked at some of the comments they were all from random people saying the same thing. He is just trolling for attention...

BeamStalk said...

Which is why he is deleted. Gotta love spam trolls.