Friday, July 3, 2009

Call In Sick Carousel

"Call In Sick", MXPX, Panic
"Can't Make Love", Pansy Division W/ Tr'e Cool, Generations 1
"Can't See Not Saying", MXPX, Let It Happen
"Can't Stand It", The Pietasters, Give 'Em The Boot II
"Can't Wait", Hepcat, Give 'Em The Boot
"Canadian Idiot", Weird Al Yankovic, Straight Outta Lynwood
"Captain Hampton And The Midget Pirates", Aquabats, The Fury Of The Aquabats!
"Captain Kelley's Kitchen", Dropkick Murphys, The Warrior's Code
"Carlita", Goldfinger, Hang-Ups
"Carousel", Blink-182, Cheshire Cat

When I saw Hepcat in concert, there were a bunch of SHARPs (Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice) there. They were of course drunk and two of them grabbed me and a friend of mine. They were singing and basically grabbed us to sing along with them. Their beer was spilling over the both of us, but there was no way in hell we were telling them to stop. If you don't know SHARPs, they are just as violent as regular skinheads.

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