Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Reading this post by Jen at Blag Hag got me thinking. I wrote in response to her post and I don't know if I am truly being rational or not.

People who spend their time with their own spirituality that does not affect others are still wasting their lives in my opinion. They are throwing money and time away on make believe feel good nonsense.

That last bit though can be used against me and what I spend a lot of my time and money on. What is gaming? It is a bit of escapism, to a feel good (well not always, some things can get quite frustrating, but overall feel good) make believe nonsense. I spend quite a bit of money and time on it also. So really, who am I to judge here?

FUG commented saying, "In a universe without purpose, there is no such thing as a wasted action. There is no end to work towards, so every action is equitable." On the whole of the universe I can agree with that. But each individual is able to make goals or purpose on their own, irrespective of the, for a lack of a better term, "will" of the universe.

So I still sit here in a conundrum. I am willing to admit I am wrong and I am a hypocrite for judging them. Yet I still want to judge spiritualists, I still want to point out they are wasting their time and money on nonsense. I stand here, as I am, a hypocrite.


BeamStalk said...

I want to add, I know there is some difference in the mind or the spiritualist and the gamer. For the most part most gamers do not take any of it as real (the exceptions to this are usually mentally ill in some manner). While the spiritualist actually believes what they are doing is real. That difference is only mental though and in the end the actions are still similar.

It is like asking if a person is a hero or just stupid. The actions can be the same, the question is more about the mental state of the person.

BeamStalk said...

In the mind OF the spiritualist.

not or.

Stew said...

Beams, one of the problems is the definition of the word "spiritual"

I am atheist, but I subscribe to the notion of a human "spirit" that which drives us to try, drives us to excel, drives us to better ourselves.

I understand (as best as I can) mind and brain. I'm am currently investigating and getting horribly messed up over free will.

But I feel there is something outside of humanity that is more than the sum of our parts. I'm not talking supernatural, I'm sure it's entirely natural and explainable in psychalogical and social terms.

But there is something in me, and others that makes me want to improve who I am as a person, make me a better person. In that persuit lies such things as a quest for knowledge, a better understanding of other people, an appreciation of music, literature and the other arts. Volunteer work, all sorts of things that I personally bundle together in the term "spirituality"

My pursuit of these things I consider to be "spiritual".

Given that it has nothing to do with ghosts, gods or anything paranormal, I realise it clashes with other definitions of "spiritual" but I don't know what else to call it.

Stew said...
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BeamStalk said...

You are right Stew, I do need to define my terms better. It was somewhat defined on the link to Jen's blog. I am talking about someone more into the new age spiritualism, agnostic theists, and a few deists.

I think I get the gist of what you are saying though. You speak of the drive or human nature to want to better ourselves and society. If I am wrong correct me, but for now I will take on this straw man. ;)

I can see that as all part of the human body and the evolution of the mind. We are social animals, if we want to survive then a healthy dose of wanting to better ourselves involves bettering society or searching for what can improve everyone. I just call that human nature. Daniel Dennet goes over something similar in his recent interview by Richard Dawkins. He speaks of how atoms can give birth to a soul. Of course his meaning of soul was like what you speak of. If I wasn't at work I would like the youtube video of the interview.

BeamStalk said...

Blah Daniel Dennett, two t's I knew that too.

Stew said...

I like this song by the Waterboys

"What spirit is, man can be"

BeamStalk said...

Nice Stew, I enjoyed that. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.