Monday, November 2, 2009

Lazy and Busy

That about sums up why I haven't posted lately. I have been busy at work and my girlfriend and her daughter just moved in with me. So what free time I have had I have been lazy with. Work has slowed down again and I am starting to get used to everything at home, so I should have more posts again. I am working on transcribing another night of role-playing and should have that up in a day or two. I have another night to transcribe after that one.

I plan on putting up a music special, an atheist/anti-creationism spectacular!

So more stuff coming and I haven't forgotten about this poor place.

Also if anybody knows of any sites that haven't been debunked a hundred times by other people, send them to me. I am always up for learning new things and being challenged in my thinking.

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