Thursday, August 13, 2009

Creo Zerg!

I am finally getting to my impression of the Creo Zerg (tm).

I left work on Thursday at 11am. The drive to Kentucky took 12 hours and 15 minutes plus there was a time change where I got to skip over most of the 9 o'clock hour (9 to 10 pm is the worst hour of the night anyway...). So I finally make it to the hotel around 12:30 am. I meet Froggie/E-lad/Dale at the hotel, we shared a room to cut the cost down. Dale started posting about our adventures that night at SMRT. I was very tired but stayed up a bit and talked.

The next morning, we had breakfast and made our way to the museum. At breakfast I noticed a family of Pentecostal Holiness followers. They are usually easy to spot as the women are not allowed to cut their hair and have to wear dresses at all times. When we got to the museum, I saw the same family there with a group of other similarly dressed people. The shock and horror on their face was rather funny.

Anyway, the place has been covered pretty well and I don't have much else to add, except my pictures. So here is the link to my photo album.

Creation Hamseum

I started this post a few days ago and am now just finishing it. I realized I am not going to cover much different except my pictures.


Debunkey Monkey said...

Thanks for the pictures.

BeamStalk said...

I was going to do a whole walk through but gave up after my pictures were too big. I just didn't feel the need to go through it all, especially since people like Jennifer at the Blag Hag blog did such a wonderful walk through. Plus I was hanging around with her for most of the museum.

Debunkey Monkey said...

No worries. The garden they have there is very beautiful.

BeamStalk said...

Oh agreed.